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Educate: Learn Your AT&T Benefits 

Here you will find our extensive on-demand webinar library. Learn about the topics that will likely effect your retirement on your own schedule. At your pace.   


Thank you for taking the next step in your retirement journey. Please take a look at our complimentary classes for AT&T employees and select any topics that interest you.  

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Live Webinar for AT&T Employees: Healthcare & Benefit Changes, beginning on Wednesday, October 27th at 12pm CST!

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Chevron Social Security Offset

The Social Security Offset is one component of your overall pension calculation. Learn how the Social Security Offset will impact the final amount you receive from your Chevron Pension plan.

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Interest Rate Update

Learn how lower interest rates can affect your Lump-Sum. Our seasoned financial advisor will break down how the economic events of 2020 have impacted your pension options.


AT&T Pension 

Understanding the intricacies of your AT&T pension plan can help determine your retirement date. Our seasoned financial advisors will break down what you need to know about your pension as well as the different payment options you have available.


Emotions of Investing

People often make decisions based on emotion rather than a rational, logical outlook. Oftentimes this results in poor decision making.


Lump Sum vs Annuity

Choosing between taking your Pension as a lump-sum or an annuity (monthly payments for life) is one of the biggest decisions a retiree will make.  


Roth Conversion

Given the current market conditions, we’ll discuss strategies which could save you money on tax payments. By converting some of your assets into IRA accounts they become non-taxable, potentially saving you a substantial amount of money.

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AT&T Retirement Guide


You will learn strategies and tips to potentially increase your AT&T PensionLump-Sum401(k) SavingsValue InvestmentTax PlanningSocial Security benefits and earnings. You can also expect to receive updates on industry-related issues that may concern the AT&T workforce.