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AT&T Healthcare Rates Rising in 2022

Wednesday, April 28th at 12PM CST

Thank you for your interest in our webinar series for AT&T Employees. In these tough economic times it is important that you stay informed on financial planning topics in order to make the best decision for your future. Our AT&T-focused advisor’s mission is to help guide you through a happy retirement. Please fill out the information below to sign up for this week’s AT&T webinar on Wednesday, April 28th at 12PM CST.

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  • How will the different AT&T plans be impacted by 2021 changes: Legacy AT&T, Cingular, BellSouth?

  • How will Lower 2021 Interest Rates affect my AT&T pension?

  • How will my pension calculation change?

  • How to avoid rising Healthcare Rates in 2022?

  • Webinar starts on Wednesday, April 28th at 12PM CST

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